Leopard battles with Porcupine at Kruger National Park
Leopard battles with Porcupine at Kruger National Park

Leopard battles with Porcupine at Kruger National Park Well, factually, coming from someone who has worked with animals as well for over 25 yrs I say your full of it as well. Leopard suffered no severe punctures as far as the video shows so I'd say your guess is backwards, more like 80% survival and 20% of not surviving. Get a refund on your degree, you got ripped off...

That poor porcupine! We at PETA think it's DISGUSTING that mountain lions are killing and eating other animals. They should try living off fruit and other healthy vegetables that are good for them. I myself am on the Glut

Stupid Leopard, it's totally not worth it, his paws got punctured very hard, some of the blood on the road is his, yea the poor porcupine got killed and eaten but the wounds of the leo, considering they are in his bottom of the paws will get dirt in them from walking, get infected and then he cant walk, can't run, cant hunt => starvation. So there is a big chance that meal will cost him also his life.

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