This new system
This new system

This new system "sees the veins"!

A new system " sees the veins "and Withdrawals - Vein Viewer Technology. Technology Vein Viewer is a very useful tool to help and facilitate venous access. This unique technology utilizes a harmless infrared beam projected on the area of interest, acquires information from the surrounding tissue, and processes through a computer projection of the vein pattern of the patient.

The vein pattern produced is very accurate and allows the health professional or the doctor to have a great depth of view to allow the vision of peripheral veins. The device thus allows the display of the vascularity of any part of the body from head to toe with the exception of the eye seen using infrared. The image in HD (high definition) is projected directly onto the patient's skin; no patch, no gel, only the projection of the LED which takes place in real time. This technological revolution is certainly a relevant clinical innovation throughout the healthcare market worldwide.

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